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A roleplaying game for a duo, exploring chance, trust, and shared history | Part II of the Western Cantos, a poetry RPG cycle

In this writing-focused, GM-less RPG for two players, channel The Rider and The Steed through playing card divination and shared storytelling. Interpret card draws and their image-rich story prompts together; then, use the tale to inspire your own five-line, pre-structured poem to share aloud.

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Play Part I of the Western Cantos
Gentleman Bandit, a solo poetry RPG
And its grim supplement, DARK HIGHWAY

Play Part III of the Western Cantos

The Swallowtail
, a Western love poetry RPG for 3
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Tips for discussing tone, deriving meaning from card draws, and writing poems on cue and off the cuff are included in the Game Guide to enrich your experience. A full playthrough example — including  two annotated player poems — are included  to provide real-world guidance. 

A printable Playsheet Booklet is perfect for quick reference during play.

Your Tools

  • Writing implements of your choice
  • A well-shuffled deck of 54 playing cards, Jokers intact

Mobile-ready Game Guide and printable Playsheet Booklet PDFs included. Layout by John Harper, creator of Lasers & Feelings, AGON, and Blades in the Dark. 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authorallison arth
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdivination, GM-Less, lyric, Narrative, poetry, Two Player, Western, writing


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Moonblind by Allison Arth | Game Guide (PDF) 615 kB
Moonblind by Allison Arth | Playsheet Booklet (PDF) 127 kB


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Hello Allison I really like your work, Gentleman Bandit has been a big influence for my. Sadly, being an argentinian it´s very expensive to buy ttrpg pdfs, our "pesos" are very low in comparisons to dolars and we have to pay 66% extra of taxes when buying items from the exterior due to protectionist laws. I´m currently unemployed by this pandemic and trying my best to focus on ttrpg and board game design, and I´d love to have access to at least 1 community copy of this game to work in my design lab.

Keep up the good work <3

I can buy it for you if youd like

(1 edit) (+3)

Watch me read through and write this review here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/693682561

Moonblind is a game filled to the brim with incredible words.

I was constantly taken aback by how evocative the text was, from the character traits to the multiple sections for tips on how to set the tone, interpreting your draw/divination, and everything in between. Whether it was game text or flavor driven prose, just great writing all around!

Some stuff I really liked:

  • The divination layout and set up is very fascinating! 
  • I loved how encouraging and approachable it is to those who may not be comfortable with writing poetry or even just in general with approaching this game!
  • The tips for writing are incredible, I love them!

I will definitely be using the tips for writing your poem in the future! I think it helps so much how much the game tells you it’s ok to rip from it, especially because the divinations themselves are beautiful 1 line poems that can help a player craft their own for the scene it is based on!

This game is worth the $10 I paid for it! I can’t wait to try it out!


You've taken my breath away with these kind words ... so happy you found such deep inspiration herein. <3